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RF Online: Retail Impressions @ GameSpot

(PC: MMORPG) | Posted by Dhruin @ Tuesday - March 07, 2006 - 08:27 -
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GameSpot has some first impressions of the final retail version of RF Online:
The game doesn't seem to offer much structure to its quests or in leading you to different places. Completing the first quest given to us was very easy, and it was nice to receive the rewards immediately by clicking on the quest log, without having to return to a specific non-player character quest giver. In fact, it seems that there are quite a number of quests listed right in your journal from the time you log in. There doesn't appear to be any need to visit specific NPCs to receive the quests. Unfortunately, these quests get unlocked only as you level, so at least at the outset of the game, there is quite a bit of mindless grind around the newbie areas to gain experience and unlock the next quest in the log.

One disappointing thing we noticed about the player-versus-environment portion of the game is that the monsters are not locked in to you once you hit, or "tap," them. You gain experience in RF Online simply by dealing damage to an enemy, so a lot of players "kill steal" the monsters that other players are already fighting. We didn't experience anyone doing something rude like that, but the chat channels in the low-level areas are full of these types of complaints. What's also interesting is that monsters will drop their loot right on the ground for anyone to see. While it's not possible to loot items from someone else's freshly killed mob, you'll often be able to run around areas and pick up stuff that people have simply left behind.
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