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Archangel review at Computergames.ro

(PC: Single-Player RPG) | Posted by Rendelius @ Thursday - November 07, 2002 - 19:20 -
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Computergames.ro has done a review of Archangel (english version) and rated it 73/100. Here's a part of the review, which contains a couple of screenshots:
    The ones expecting Archangel to be a pure RPG will be disappointed. There is no character tweaking system, but a two path choice that you must make once you get out of that monastery. You get to play either like a ghost or like a warrior. Even if both sides offer you different skills (Light Shield, Hypnosis, Holy Protection, Regeneration), they are not two distinctive experiences. The common element is the Sword of Light, the only efficient weapon against all your enemies. The bad news is the weapon needs mana (named spirit energy inside the game) to recharge so you will have to do lots of strafing, running or even keeping your distance if you want to kill an enemy. There is no way you can block enemy strikes or worse you cannot hit some monsters unless they hit you first.

    Fortunately you get more weapons to play with, some of them characteristic to one of the three episodes you are in: swords, axes, different kind of guns, a rocket launcher or even a bow with different types of arrows. Besides the fact that the trajectory of the arrows is curved you can really tell the differences between the weapons. For example, the rifle won't allow you to shoot an enemy from a great distance. This is how the game makes you choose the right weapon at the right moment which is not as hard as you may think because you are able to assign all of them to different keys.
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