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U3Project - Huge News

(PC: Single-Player RPG) | Posted by OctarineDragon @ Saturday - April 03, 2004 - 00:16 -
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We're proud to announce that U3Project - A Recreation of Ultima III (previously known as 'Ultima 3 for Windows') is not just alive and kicking but has finally found entry into our Games Database. Their first site update in about two years certainly surprised us this week, and made us aware that this project had not yet seen any coverage at all from your side.

In short, the project's goal is to provide the same to Ultima 3 which Exult has been doing for a while for part 7 of the series: make the game play- and enjoyable on all sorts of today's hardware on operating systems. U3project further supports artistically improved tilesets and has recently revealed to even include the option to play the game in first person 3D perspective (honest - no April fooling you!)much as other games of the era.
Having recently joined the Sourceforge open source community, much like Exult or Pentagram, the team has additionally expanded to include another member, and an industry veteran at that: Steve Mariotti of Nihilistic Software (Vampire, Starcraft: Ghost), who previously worked on well known titles such as LotR: The Two Towers, Call to Power and Interstate '82. Not just a worthy addition to any team, but also a sure sign that community efforts such as the ones we cover here not just find some awareness within the industry but actually generate enough interest to make some of those professionals spend their limited spare time with even more game creation!

An early test version of U3Project is already available for download from the project's official website. As always: check it out!
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