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Realms of Torment Interview at Pixelrage

(PC: MMORPG) | Posted by Rendelius @ Tuesday - March 04, 2003 - 09:46 -
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A Realms of Torment interview at Pixelrage talks to Lead Designer Dan Antonesuc about their upcoming MMORPG. here's an excerpt:
Pixelrage: We know AI is very frustrating, so what kind of AI will you be implementing in the game, for the NPCs?

Dan Antonescu: In my time of playing this kind of games, I was often amused or even frustrated with the poor AI NPCs had. Now that we actually started building our own, we are seriously limited by hardware. There are some serious issues regarding pathfinding, collisions with objects or characters and so on. Every single NPC means more CPU time from the server side so it's better to keep the AI at a more basic level, with predefined paths and simple gestures. So regarding this, ROT will be similar to other games and won't try to raise to single-player games standards.

Pixelrage: Are there going to be any means of transportation between worlds, islands and other map locations? And if so, what kind?

Dan Antonescu: We have some means of transportation in mind, but not too many. You'll find yourselves riding horses, joining caravans (which are mainly meant for trading purposes) as well as casting some transport related spells, not easily accessible though. We also consider implementing mounting flying monsters, but we can't promise that just yet as some technical issues regarding speed and field of view arose.
Source: Bluesnews
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