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Project Entropia Weapons Week

(PC: MMORPG) | Posted by Rendelius @ Wednesday - July 11, 2001 - 01:16 -
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The official site for Project Entropia starts a new feature yesterday: The Weapons Week. We let them tell you what it is all about:

    Weapons Introduction

    There are several different weapons available on Calypso, ranging from close combat melee weapons to powerful long-range firearms. Hi-tech melee weapons include energy-amplified blades and pole arms. Basic firearms include all categories from handguns and rifles up to launchers and heavy support weapons that fire either solid projectiles or energy beams.
    The latest in arms development is the introduction of more flexible weapon systems with several interchangeable components. This allows people to customize weapons to fit their own needs by choosing specific components. These customized weapons are available with different adaptive capabilities and variable extension modifications. The available range of accessories depends on how flexible each weapon model is when it's purchased.
    The situation on Calypso has allowed weapon developers and manufacturers to field-test new weapons and sell them to the human population as part of their agreement with the local and interstellar authorities. Since government military forces aren't allowed on Calypso, citizens require new and better weapons to defend themselves and their home world. This has ultimately led to constant development of new weapons and to an expanding market offering a growing arsenal of different personal weaponry.
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