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RatHunt: DCI System finished

(PC: Single-Player RPG) | Posted by Moriendor @ Monday - March 04, 2002 - 18:04 -
| Game Info | Homepage | Screenshots
OK, the announcement on the official RatHunt website says March, 01 for these news but ever since I've first heard of RatHunt I've checked the official site several times a day and yesterday there were no news on the completion of the DCI system yet. So this is real hot news :)
Anyway, Mirage Interactive has apparently finished the so called DCI (Dynamic Character Interaction) system for its upcoming FPS/RPG hybrid RatHunt. To find out more about DCI you should visit RatHunt's gameplay page at Mirage. There's also some screenshots showing the effects of the DCI system.

Here's a snip from the DCI description:

    From player’s point of view the DCI (Dynamic Character Interaction) is a system of interactive, context menus. They appear whenever a talk is initiated (whether someone starts talking to player, or vice versa). Screenshots on the left show a typical chat with an NPC (a bartender).

    But the ability to talk to virtually anybody in the game is just the visible top of DCI iceberg. It is an adventure-like storyline system, reacting on every action player takes. Non player characters' actions depend on what Mason did in the past, how he was talking, whom he killed, what quest he solved and so on.
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