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Vanguard: Interview @ Vanguard Players

(PC: MMORPG) | Posted by Dhruin @ Wednesday - February 09, 2005 - 07:10 -
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Over at Vangaurd Players you can grab an interview with Marius Enge, who recently joined Sigil from Funcom. Here's a snippet:
Vanguard Players: You accomplished a lot at Funcom and had a well-rounded career working on Anarchy Online for so many years in different positions. Do you feel your experience with customers as a Lead-GM & CS manager helped you as a designer in better understanding what players liked and disliked about AO and what could be done better?

Marius: Absolutely, and not just with AO -- but with any online game. I think really seeing the problems and frustrations the players meet every day up front has made me a more empathetic designer, and more aware of those issues when I design or implement something. In most cases having some experience from either CS or QA is very useful for aspiring designers in my opinion. One other thing that's also important to note is that as the rest of the Sigil team, I am also a player. I love playing games. MMOs in particular. My intentions coming onboard here at Sigil are to contribute to making Vanguard THE game I want to play, and from what I have seen, I share the same philosophy and vision as the rest of the design group here, which gives me a really good feeling about Vanguard.
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