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Archaean Game Info
Description: The vision behind the Archaean Multiplayer Online World is to create a virtual life. The ability for a player to actually live an alter ego in a computer generated environment, a world set in an astonishing fantasy realm. The freedom to make his own decisions in life and not be guided by mechanics to be a certain way, do certain things or think certain ways. The freedom to become what he envisions in his deepest dreams; be it an innkeep, merchant, heroic warrior or commanding warlord of the undead. The ability to live within a world filled with things we cannot experience in the real life, a world that adapts and changes by your own actions...
Release date: Cancelled
Homepage: http://www.archaean.com
Publisher: eMage
Developer: eMage
Screenshots: Archaean Gallery
- Archaean Interview Pt. 2 (04.03.02)
- Archaean Interview Pt. 1 (04.02.02)
On the Net:
- Archaean: Development suspended! (04.21.02)

Developer Diaries:
- Archaean Designer Diary (03.31.02)

- Archaean: Interview @ Stratics (09.24.02)
- Niklas Weidel Interview (08.07.01)

Site Updates:
- Archaean: Site Update (03.24.02)
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