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Baldur's Gate - Dark Alliance 2 (Xbox)
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Dave has rated the following games:

Dungeon Siege: 6/10 points

I was expecting much more, while the graphics are nice, and suit it, there just isnt anything here! all you do is hack people up, i would have loved going into towns, breaking into people's houses, assassinating people, learning martial arts, etc etc but this just doesnt let you, It got boring quickly, and is disappointing.

Elder Scrolls 3 - Morrowind: 10/10 points

One of the best games that I ever played

Fable: 4/10 points

Too Easy.. Beat The Game in 10 Hours

Freedom Force: 9/10 points

I love irrational games, and I love this game, it's go so much personality. Only problem, it's a bit slow.

Gothic: 10/10 points

gothic is the best rpg but it needs more...like multiplayer so other gothic players can interact with each other and do quest with each other like in dungeon siege this should be put in gothic 2 but first it should come out as a add on for gothic so we can download it.it would also be nice if you could do way more things in gothic 2 like build huts or farms and be able to sell your food to a mill its a good idea...thats all i have to say about gothic exept for one more thing gothic ownz all the rpg games ;p

Gothic: 10/10 points


Gothic 2: 10/10 points

Totally awesome game, but alot of bugs. Its better than diablo2. The graphics and environment is amazing. Very unique way to fight, not just hack with a mouse.

Gothic 2: 10/10 points


Second Life: 10/10 points

All it takes is a week and you'll be hooked.

Ultima 4 - Quest of the Avatar: 10/10 points

OMG ULTIMA4. So much fun it blew my mind. Plus it had the whole karmic/virtue system which was unheard of at the time and almost even today. A definite must play!

Ultima 4 - Quest of the Avatar: 10/10 points

The most fully rounded game ever produced for its day, entirely original in its focus on ethics and never to be repeated. This game changed my life more than any other!

Ultima 5 - Warriors of Destiny: 8/10 points

My personal fav of the Ultima series. Basically just a slicker version of Ultima 4, but IMO, it was the polish it needed to make the game really easy to use/play.

Ultima Underworld 1 - The Stygian Abyss: 10/10 points

Unrivaled at its time. A quality dungeon romp adventure for the first time ever in (mostly) 3D. Fun and challenging.

Wasteland: 10/10 points

Who can forget Wasteland? Brutal and funny at the same time this RPG had all you could ever ask for. As the game progressed, each stage had its own particular challenges and excitement. A mus tplay, even today.

Wizardry 8: 9/10 points

Love it, it's silicon crack, this will suck your life away, it's so much fun. I heard that the combat drags out, and that's what usually put me off RPGs, but this dragged and I didn't care, it was that great Great non-linear gameplay, hugely satisfying, tonnes of things to do, and the only reason it looks 5 years old is because it took them about that long to get it on the shelves (some publishing problems etc) Also, this is my first wizardry, and my first old school RPG, and i love every m inute of it. Great music too.
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