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Redemption Status Report
Florian Kasper, 2005-01-22

We wondered where Redemption was heading after last years team changes. So we asked project leader Corv and he gave us a full status report. Here it is;

When we merged the teams from Redemtpion and the new King and formed the new team "Titans of Ether" earlier this year, we decided to complete Redemption first and then go for The New King which will be the sequel to it. But Redemption went through a lot of trouble the months before.
Files were lost, team members were gone. The chaos in the existing game files was very obvious. So I decided to start all over again. We had the foundation in form of the basic plot, we had awesome music and plans. So we took what we could use and made something even better out of it. We planned a lot of features for Redemption in the beginning and now when people read the feature list they may think "Wow, sounds cool, but they never can do that". Fact is that all the features you can read are already scripted. Yes we have to implement them properly in the world but they are already working. We only announce features where we are completely sure that we can do it. Other stuff is kept in our secret drawer till we know how to do it. Some never leave the drawer :) There are 3 of the best scripters of the Morrowind community in our Team Taddeus, Zini well and me ;) ) which means that Redemption players will get everything we create in the highest possible quality. I can say, without a single doubt, that Redemption will be the most interactive RPG ever, there is no game out there that allows you to do more things in the world than Redemption. Everything with high attention to detail. So if I say that you can forge your own weapons it doesn't mean that you click on an anvil and then choose what you want to make from a list, no, you have to mine the ore, melt it in a way that you get a correct mixture, hit the hot metal with a smithy-hammer several times and then cool your creation in a water barrel. We think that Ultima fans love such details which are actually a game feature and not only show. For example you will also be able to make your own bows and arrows. You can also make poison and poison your arrows to make them more deadly, you can cook many different meals and make different drinks, etc... you can even build your own house! Things like a sophisticated NPC schedule system and being able to ride a dragon are features that were planned for Ascension but are done in Redemption.

We are also building the world itself at the moment. You can see the high attention to detail in the screenshots on our homepage (media section). About 30 % of the world is done, but I think that we will be able to build the remaining 70'% much faster because we now have Diddy, another very talented worldbuilder, in the team. A major feature in our world will be the sound effects. You will hear atmospheric sound effects everywhere (birds, frogs, wind, etc..) which creates an even more intense general atmosphere. If everything goes well I think the world will be ready in very few months with all the major features and then we can fully concentrate on integrating the main story and the quests, which are still being worked out at the moment. The plot will be very immersive and tie up the loose ends which Ascension didn't manage to do. I wont tell details about the plot here, but I am sure that Ultima fans will be very happy with it! We are all very motivated and Redemption creating Redemtpion is like a dream come true for all of us.


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