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The Moment of Silence: Review @ LoadedInc.

(PC: Adventures) | Posted by Kristophe @ Saturday - December 18, 2004 - 14:43 -
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LoadedInc's Adam Faubert brings us his review of The Moment of Silence, in which Adam gives "The Moment" an overall 8 out of 10 rating...

It should be noted that Moment of Silence comes on DVD-ROM; for all of you with only CD-ROMs, you’re out of luck. This disc type is due, in part, to the high-quality pre-rendered backgrounds and excellent quality cut scenes. Also, Silence gives you the option of a full and minimum install. The full install will load the scenes onto your hard drive instead of retaining them on the disc. Opting for the full install will cut load times dramatically and is recommended.

Overall, Moment of Silence does a lot of things for an adventure title. It does most of them well, with very few mistakes. For anyone looking for a solid, entertaining, modern adventure game, Moment of Silence is definitely recommended.
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