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RPGDot Game Rating Machine
Hacki Dragon has rated the following games:

Bard's Tale 2 -The Destiny Knight: 7/10 points

Perhaps the hardest RPG ever :)

Bard's Tale 3 - Thief of Fate: 10/10 points

My first RPG, and a maginificent experience. I was so thrilled when I found a Death Horn in Gelidia... The plot wasn't based on a very original idea (kill Tarjan :)), but told in an excellent way. All the different worlds felt different. It was just great to have Chronomancer spells taking you to different worlds. Oh, and one of the greatest moments in the game for me was when I learnt a new bard song in Lucencia. The melodies were so cool :) Oh, and don't bother playing the crappy and extremly buggy PC version. The C64 version surpasses it in every way. It even has better graphics and music IMO!

Realms of Arkania 3 - Shadows over Riva: 9/10 points

True old school role playing game. Round based combat, big character and skill system. Storytelling is fantastic and creates a thrilling atomosphere as you wander through the foggy streets of Riva. The soundtrack on CD is simply stunning. IMO, this is a classic.

Ultima 4 - Quest of the Avatar: 10/10 points

Stunning idea for a computer game. P.S.: Can't wait for Elijah!

Ultima 5 - Warriors of Destiny: 10/10 points

The box said "Setting the standard for role-playing adventure". And that wasn't just a cheap slogan. Great game. I'll always prefer it to Diablo and its various clones.

Ultima 6 - The False Prophet: 10/10 points

The Orb of the Moons that came with the game doesn't work. I hope they'll fix that in Elijah :p (jk) A true masterpiece, setting the standard for RPGs in 1990.

Ultima 7 - Serpent Isle (Sequel): 10/10 points

As great as The Black Gate. Had an even better storyline, a truly beautiful fantasy game with unmatched immersion. Oh, and Elijah r0xx0r

Ultima 7 - The Black Gate: 10/10 points

Best RPG ever.

Ultima 7 - The Black Gate: 10/10 points

Best part of the best RPG series ever. (except of Ultima 4: Elijah, which will be even better)

Ultima 9 - Ascension: 3/10 points

Boring, stupid plot, childish characters, linear as hell, buggy, annoying dungeon puzzles, sucky action parts, unprofessional voice acting, too much of an action adventure, too little role playing, shitload of inaccuracies concerning the Ultima storyline, shortest dialogues since U5, bad writing. Need I say more? Not worth the name "Ultima".

Ultima Online - Lord Blackthorn's Revenge: 1/10 points

A true shame for the gaming industry. This game has nothing to do with Ultima :(

Ultima Underworld 2 - Labyrinth of Worlds: 10/10 points

Great game, best 3D Ultima ever (hardly any choice ;)), if it weren't for the upcoming U4:Elijah.

Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos: 1/10 points

omg, since when is Warcraft 3 a ROLE PLAYING GAME? Be real. Warcraft 3 is a great game, but nowhere near the RPG genre, so it gets 1 point from me.

Worlds of Ultima 2 - Martian Dreams: 8/10 points

A very original setting for any computer game. Mixes time travel with Jules Verne, all in Ultima style: lots of dialogues, interesting characters, world interactivity, cool plot. Only the endless walking between places could become very boring.
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