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Interview with a Wizardry Designer

(PC: Single-Player RPG) | Posted by Garrett @ Thursday - June 20, 2002 - 09:05 -
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The Stratos Group offers an interview today they have conducted with Ex-Sir Tech's Branda Brathwaite, who designed Wizardry Game since 1984; she is working on console RPG for Infogrames now called D&D Heroes, but a large portioin of the interview is about Wizardry 8:
    SG: One of my favorite features of Wizardry 8 was the hidden 'retro dungeons’. Those really took me back, and really brought some things into an interesting perspective. The newest RPGs have graphics, sound, and scale that older RPGs cannot compete with. What is it that newer games lose as a trade-off? What did the classics have that the newer games do not?

    BB: In many cases, it’s game play. When you strip away the sound, the super accelerated graphics and the networking, all you have left is the play, the puzzles, the character development, the involvement and the story. The purity minus bells and whistles. Today, there is such a focus on the bells and whistles that it sometimes harms the actual play. Less attention is paid to it as a result. Knowing this, with D&D Heroes, we are paying careful attention to how it plays, its story and the world as a whole. We want to give players the full experience – something that plays as great as it looks.
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