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Gamespot previews UO: Age of Shadows

(PC: MMORPG) | Posted by Rendelius @ Saturday - January 04, 2003 - 03:03 -
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Gamespot brings us a preview of Ultima Online: Age of Shadows (hey, they are making so many addiditons, others would call them just "patches" *g*). Here's a bit:
    Using the design tool, you will be able to construct each floor of the house, creating the floor plan and design and picking the style of each component, like walls, windows, and floors. Each floor of the house is broken down into a uniform number of tiles, upon which you can design your house. There are a lot of options available--for the walls alone there are 48 different categories of tile designs. In all, you can choose from more than 1000 different tiles. Once you've found the styles you're looking for, you simply paint your house with the different textures.

    The interface for the house design resembles the system used in one of EA's most popular franchises, The Sims. The house components are divided into major categories and subdivided into pages containing scores of different styles. The interface also includes an option to turn walls transparent to better see parts of the house that might be obstructed by objects. There are also some convenient tools borrowed from common art applications. For example, there's an eyedropper tool that lets you grab a style from any tile and apply it somewhere else.
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