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Wizardy Interview: Sir Tech tumbles

(PC: Single-Player RPG) | Posted by Rendelius @ Thursday - July 26, 2001 - 11:41 -
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Over at Daily Telefrag, they have done an interview with Ian Curry from Sir-Tech. As it stands, the signs of doom are hanging over the company and Wizardy 8:

    DTF: So, the first question is: what happened with Wizardry 8? Why doesn't Wizardry 8 have a worldwide publisher for now?

    Ian Currie: We had attempted to combine a deal for Wizardry 8 with Wizardry 9 (so that we'd have funding to develop the next game). We have been unable to do that with today's industry shift to console games. Now we're no longer actively pursuing funding for Wizardry 9 and simply concentrating on publishing Wizardry 8, which will be a lot more straightforward.

    DTF: Well, Wizardry 8 still doesn't have a publisher, does it?

    Ian Currie: There has been interest from a number of parties, but we haven't reached any signed deal yet.

    DTF: What if Sir-Tech will not find funding? What will happen to the company and to its employees? Do you plan any actions to prevent this situation from getting worse?

    Ian Currie: Unless we find funding in the next few weeks, the company will close its doors.
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