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RPGDot Divinity Skin


Today, RPGDot is extremely proud to present its first skin! That's right folks, you can now choose between two ways you want RPGDot to look like! All you need to do is create an account and pick the skin in the profile editor!

But first things first: The skin has been created by Arhu and the excellent engine which makes this skinning possible has been developed by Myrthos. Our thanks also go to Larian Studios for letting us use their graphics for this skin.

Here are some pics to show you the difference between the old default and the new skin, which is based on Divinity graphics. Note, that you can still use the old as well!

The old look:

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The new look:

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A Review in the default skin:

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A Review in the Divinity skin:

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The Release List in the default skin:

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The Release List in the Divinity skin:

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To activate this skin,follow these steps:

  • If you already haven't, create an account with RPGDot
  • Then edit your site settings; at the very bottom, you can pick the skins.
  • That's it! If you want to, you can allow cookies and tick the 'Auto Login' field when logging in to place a cookie on your machine and be automatically recognized and welcomed with your name and the skin of your choice!

    Note, that the Forum and the Gallery have yet to be converted to the new look!

    All original content of this site is copyrighted by RPGWatch. Copying or reproducing of any part of this site is strictly prohibited. Taking anything from this site without authorisation will be considered stealing and we'll be forced to visit you and jump on your legs until you give it back.