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AdventureDot Feature: Broken Sword - The Sleeping Dragon Review

(PC: Adventures) | Posted by Garrett @ Friday - January 23, 2004 - 14:50 -
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A few weeks ago we had a poll asking if we should cover Adventure games as well on RPGDot and the majority said 'Yes'. So here is the first feature of an adventure game, namely a review of Revolution's third game in the Broken Sword series, The Sleeping Dragon:
On the one hand, the new interface is very unusual, but on the other, it is really revolutionary. You control George or Nico with the arrow keys, where a new camera angle does not stop them moving, and no key needs to be repressed to keep them moving, i.e. you push the right-arrow key and George walks to the right and then the camera changes and the direction which was right is now down for example, but George still walks on, only down this time, even though you still press the right-arrow key (hard to explain really, but if you play it, it becomes pretty clear). If something falls into our George's or Nico's eyes, it is highlighted and up to 4 options for it are displayed. You can take, examine, combine, drop...
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