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The Roots announced

(PC: Single-Player RPG) | Posted by Garrett @ Friday - August 01, 2003 - 09:13 -
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Tannhauser Gate, who are known to Online Players by their MMORPG Mimesis are also working on a single player title called The Roots, which has been announced by publisher Cenega today with this press release (minus corporate info):
Cenega Publishing Get New Roots
1st August 2003, Cenega UK, Maidenhead - Media Announcement:

Cenega UK is pleased to announce it has acquired the worldwide rights to publish The Roots for PC-CD from Poland based games developer Tannhauser Gate.

The Roots is a third-person perspective fantasy-role-playing, action-adventure experience. The game leans heavily on classic role playing within a mystical world where arena style turn-based, real time combat action is coupled with exploration to create an intriguing and fantasical adventure.

Sonia Khebere, International Marketing Manager commented, 'The Roots is fast paced, complex and vast, ensuring we deliver another quality entertainment title to market' Khebere added, 'We're pleased to have found this great talent at Tannhauser Gate and look forward to a great partnership.'

Artur Jaskólski, CEO of Tannhauser Gate said, 'Our primary experience lies in the MMORPG arena, and look forward to debuting our first single player game with Cenega Publishing worldwide.'

The Roots (PC-CD) will be shown at ECTS (Stand 1480) to invited media and trade at ECTS and is scheduled for release in Q3 2004 (SRP: ŁTBA)
There is no website online yet nor is there more info about it...may be up after ECTS most probably!
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