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Citizen Zero: Interview Pt. 2 @ RPG Vault

(PC: MMORPG) | Posted by Moriendor @ Tuesday - July 20, 2004 - 18:08 -
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RPG Vault has posted the second part (first part here) of their 'Citizen Zero' interview with Lead Designer Paul McInnes.
In Citizen Zero, Micro Forte's action-oriented massively multiplayer project for the PC and Xbox platforms, you are this type of individual. The challenges you face are many and diverse. The world is morally gray. Should you cast your lot with the street-savvy Syndicate, the battle-hardened Marines or another group with a different personality and agenda? Would you gain from the strength in numbers offered by a clan, or would you be better served going it alone and only making your own enemies? Mysteries abound as well - who you really are, why you were sent to this forsaken place, why you're now free, what caused the crisis, what secrets lie within the alien ruins, and more. While the answers to these questions may not be forthcoming, we recently had occasion to continue our informative interrogation of Lead Designer Paul McInnes.
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