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Star Wars KotOR 2 (XBox) In Stores Now

(Xbox: Single-Player RPG) | Posted by Moriendor @ Tuesday - December 07, 2004 - 00:18 -
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LucasArts sent us this one a little earlier today, announcing that 'Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II' for XBox has arrived in North American stores...
LucasArts is pleased to announce today the release of the highly anticipated Star Wars(r) Knights of the Old Republic(r) II: The Sith Lords(tm) for the Xbox. The PC version will release in February 2005.

The Sith Lords, the next chapter to the award winning game of 2003, picks up five years after the events of the original KOTOR(tm) and features an all-new perilous storyline, as well as new characters, classes, locations and force powers. The Jedi, nearly brought to an end by the Sith, are on the brink of extinction. The galaxy is in turmoil and the Republic no longer has the strength to protect its worlds. Sith Assassins are hunting the one they believe to be the last of the Jedi, the one who holds the key to the fate of the galaxy - You.

Assigned to protect the Old Republic and the Jedi Order from the terrifying Dark Lords of the Sith, players must explore and battle through seven diverse worlds. Choose the light side of the Force or surrender to the lure of the dark side - as the fate of the galaxy hangs in the balance...

This time your choices affect everyone around you.

The Sith Lords is published by LucasArts and developed by Obsidian Entertainment Inc. For more information, please visit the official product website at www.kotor2.com.

A special playable demo of the upcoming Star Wars Republic Commando(tm) can also be found on The Sith Lords Xbox CD. The demo from this squad based first person shooter features a sub-level challenging you to lead your squad of elite commandos and penetrate an enemy Separatist core ship on a mission of sabotage and capture.

Star Wars Republic Commando, releasing for the Xbox and PC on March 1, 2005, is set in the time period between Episode II leading into Episode III. The game acts as a bridge between the two Episodes and provides a sneak peek of Episode III.

For more information on please visit our website: www.lucasarts.com/games/swrepubliccommando
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