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The Chronicles of Spellborn: What lies hidden must be found
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Sociolotron Game Info
Description: "While other online role playing games mostly focus on monster bashing or warfare, Sociolotron has a totally different focus. This game is all about social interaction. If chatting with other players, combining your talents to accomplish tasks together, and having a lasting impact on the game world is your cup of tea, then you have come to the right place. But what's more, this game is specifically designed for players age 21 and older!

You must be over 21 to play, no exceptions! Sociolotron features strong adult content, language, and graphics. A game play you don't have anywhere else: No censorship of your game play, except for legal reasons. Game elements that enable you to run around and kill monsters (yes we DO have monster bashing also), elements that enable you to blackmail your fellow players, assassinate them, have sex, live out your darkest fantasies, and even establish a lasting dynasty. Death is a reality in this game and you must be prepared to pass on your belongings to a worthy heir!"
Average Reader Ratings: 5.9 (30 votes)
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Release date: Available since 07/26/2005
Homepage: http://sociolotron.amerabyte.com/website2/intro.htm
Publisher: Sociolotronics, LLC
Developer: Sociolotronics, LLC
- Sociolotron Review (01.18.06)
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