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Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines
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More Gothic 3 Artworks
Gorath, 2005-08-03

The press kit contained descriptions for a number of artworks. Maybe youŽll find them interesting. HereŽs a translation:

First row:
1. A repainted screenshot from a very early stage of development, showing the snowy, hostile landscape of Nordmar.
2. Nordmar hairdo concept art.
3. A Nordmar blacksmith's shop with its peculiar architecture (concept art).

Second row:
1. Nordmar smithy interior (concept art).
2. Ruin fields of Varant (color scheme).
3. The 3D version of the ruin fields of Varant is based on this design.

Third row: Repainted screenshot without 'props' (=objects). On closer examination you can see the desert townŽs ring-shaped design.

A picture with a color scheme for an underground temple was forgotten or removed.

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