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The Legend of Ares: Closed Beta Signups @ Official Site

(PC: MMORPG) | Posted by Dhruin @ Tuesday - April 18, 2006 - 10:03 -
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MGame sent us along some details on their upcoming game, The Legend of Ares. First, here are some of the features, with a focus on PvP:
Player vs. Player

Honor System
When a player kills another player from a rival nation or guild, they will receive one honor point. When a player is defeated by another player from the rival nation, one honor point is taken away. When a player accumulates a certain number of honor points, he/she will receive a rank within their nation's standing. The general rule of rank is: the higher rank a player achieves the greater the bonus that player will get towards his attack and defense power (see Ranking System on website).

National War
Fight players from your rival nation to increase your ability through rank and honor points! While players will begin their journey in "safe" zones, there will be areas of the map later in the game where both nations must venture. Players should be on their guard when in these areas!

Guild War
Player-created guilds will help players to level, hunt, and quest; but that's not all. Guilds will be able to wage war against each other regardless of nation-association, and can even band together to form alliances against their enemies. Alliance vs. Alliance and/or Guild vs. Guild warfare will be another way for players to achieve rank and honor points.

Territorial War
There will be organized Nation vs. Nation events where players of each nation will fight for control of areas of the map. Each area will have their respective bonuses to bestow on the winning side in addition to increasing the size of the player's nation. In this way, players will have a direct impact on their nation's prosperity as well as an impact in the progression of the story. Needless to say, Territorial War will be a great way for players to gain rank through honor points.
For more info you can also check out the RPG Vault interview linked below. Closed Beta signups are now underway:
Sign ups for the Legend of Ares's Closed Beta will start on April 24th.

We will be giving away 5,000 Beta keys for our first closed beta, and 5,000 more for our second, on May 3rd.

Links to register for our Closed Beta's will be up and running soon, so keep your eyes open on the 24th.

If you have not received a key by the release of our Closed Beta, don't fret! We will be giving away tons more keys for our Open Beta, which starts on May 11th lasting for two months.

Register now and increase your chances of participating in The Legend of Ares's Closed Beta!

We look forward to seeing you in-game, and are eager for your feedback! :-)
You can find the signup link here. Finally, here's a sample of the screens they sent along, with the rest in our gallery.

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