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Wizardry 8 Interview at Intelligamer

(PC: Single-Player RPG) | Posted by Rendelius @ Tuesday - December 11, 2001 - 23:18 -
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Intelligamer has conducted an interview with Linda Currie from SirTech about their CRPG gem Wizardry 8. Here's one of the questions:

    Intelgamer: What features does Wizardry 8 that has not been seen before in every other RPG? How does it advance the genre?

    Linda Currie: Wizardry, in our opinion, is pretty unique from most every other RPG -- course we are a little biased ;). Wiz 8 is party based, where you create all of your characters. Itís non-linear, allowing you a lot of options as to what you want to do next. Our character development gives you a lot of choices, which when combined with the party aspect of the game, gives you a lot of replayability in trying out different classes in different combinations. Our combat is totally unique as is our spell system with its various targeting options. Our NPC interaction is completely unique. We spent a lot of time tweaking our interface to give the player as much info and as much control as possible. How does it advance the genre? Thatís an interesting question. I might almost say that it doesnít and that instead it reminds us what was special about this genre when so many new products abandon it to head down an RPG light path.

My answer to this question would have been: tremendous fun.
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