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Vanguard: Interview with Audio Designer Todd Masten @ Vanguard Spheres

(PC: MMORPG) | Posted by Wildefire @ Friday - October 07, 2005 - 18:39 -
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The fansite Vanguard Spheres has posted an interview with the game's audio desiginer, Todd Masten. It covers both the artistic and technical aspects of his work on the game. As an added bonus, the site is hosting an exclusive music clip from the game's soundtrack.
We’ve taken a strong cinematic approach with the music and audio, with the goal of making the game feel more like an epic movie or adventure. Areas in the game have meaningful music identifiers so you are capable of understanding where you are without the need of any visual aid. You may even be able to identify the origins of old city ruins as being ‘elven’ or ‘dwarven’, as it is likely to contain similar musical elements. There is a great example of this pertaining to the capitol city on one of the major landmasses in conjunction with the area where the ruins of the old city still stand on the far side of the continent. I am hoping things like this can bring a stronger sense of cohesion and immersion to the world.
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