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Arx Fatalis Element of the Week 2

Myrthos, 2001-08-16

Arx Fatalis is an RPG developed by Arkane Studios. It offers a number of interactions with objects and NPCs, realistic action fights, a unique real time spell casting system, character creation, dialogues, puzzles, exploration in an underground atmospheric world with various Cities inhabited by several races, galleries, dungeons and mines all intertwined by an unexpected epic plot.

We will bring you this Arx Fatalis Element of the week in collaboration with publisher Fishtank. After the Goblins of last week, this time it's about the human citizens in Arx.

(Some) Human citizens of Arx
The humans may not be the biggest race by number in the world of Arx but they are the most diverse by far. King Lunshire reigns over the human habitat trough wisdom, verity and also the power of his guards. Many different human folks have settled around the castle, may they be traders, craftsmen or just poor lads seeking for shelter. There are also humans indulging in the ancient skills of magic to help their folks as well as humans driven towards the secret cult of Akbaa.
Coexistence with the all the other races in their small cave-like world and thereby securing the survival of the human kind stands as the common goal.
So here are a few of those people, living in the human surroundings close the castle walls.

Maria the shopkeeper

Here is a woman still holding high the virtues of the trade. Owner of a general merchandise shop near the king's castle she carries of variety of daily goods. The good old shovel, all sorts of food or a rope can be found when visiting her. It is heard that one can also find some lock picks when reaching deeper in some of her chests of wares, but this could be just a rumor of course.

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Human guard(s)
To protect and to serve! These upright guys have enlisted in the royal army. Frankly speaking what once was the royal army now consists of a rather small number of guards trying to keep the peace in the human surroundings and to protect their king. The late death of royal astronomer and alchemist Falan Orbiplanax was a great blow to them; since he was secretly assassinated close the king's royal chambers without any of the guards noticing.

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Felnor the king's alchemist
Successor to the late Falan Orbiplanax he is well aware of the long way ahead of him to reach Orbiplanaxs' mastership. Being told of an evil conspiracy before, he found Orbiplanax dead in his chambers when wanting to inquire more about this wicked plot. Willing to assist the player in his quest he freely provides all his knowledge, equipment and items to the hero.
In need of using the laboratory, wanting some snowdrop powder or a night potion. This is the guy to meet.

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Tafiok the jeweler
Known as the rich and somewhat snobby owner of the local jewelry store, Tafiok has run into a little slump lately. Hurt by the troll strike no fresh uncut gems are flowing into his stock, which has reached an all time low by now. Being depended only on the monopolistic goblins to supply him, he has been cut off his raw material for some time. Unfortunately enough, just right now the traveler guild is willing to pay more gold than ever before for well-crafted jewelery. Maybe the player might throw in a helping hand here?!

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