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Arx Fatalis - What has changed since the demo?

Rendelius, 2002-04-10, for Raphael Colantonio, Arkane Studios

"When we released the demo, we were anxiously waiting for the first feedback, we knew that the game was not perfect at this stage and we were expecting some bugs, but what was important for us was to have a first general feeling about how well the game would be received: and I must say we were very pleased to see that people were very enthusiastic with what they saw in the demo. Believe me, if you enjoyed the demo, you haven't seen anything yet!!!!

Now regarding bugs and improvements since the beta demo: we spent many hours going through the forums and reading players emails in order to know about all the bugs and all the things players would like us to change, after that, we made a top 10 lists of the things that seemed to be the most important to people and we decided to nail it down, also, this beta release of the demo was a very efficient way to discover bugs.

  • Crashes to desktop: the game is very stable now, the game no longer crashes like it did in the demo.
  • We've changed the default interface, it is way easier now and doesn't require all the mouse toggles anymore
  • We've added many controls customisation, a lot!!!
  • We've added tons of hotkeys and movement functionalities
  • Fixed a major bug in the lightning system (for NPCs)
  • ATI Radeon polys going crazy problem is fixed (we put a Radeon = 1) in the cfg for those who have a Radeon
  • Seams in textures bug has been fixed
  • No more artefacts in the poly junctions: we had a major bug here.
  • Game is not as dark as it use to be on some screens
  • Fog distance can be increased more than before
  • Higher Resolutions are now supported, not limited to 1024 x 768 anymore.
  • Bump Mapping was improved
  • Thrown objects won't stick to walls anymore
  • Fighting animations are straight forward now, it is easier to aim at monsters
  • head movements when walking / running are more stable
  • You can cast magic in all directions now (looking up and down)
  • The loading bar is coherent now
  • A quick save / quick load function has been implemented
  • The fonts have changed
  • The Save menu is called Save/load now :)
  • There was a strange bug in the stealth system
  • The player doesn't get hungry so quickly now
  • Can't go through the roof anymore
  • The leaning option is more efficient now
  • Added a 'pick up all' button for inventories as well as a 'close' button.
  • fixed a lot of oddities in the interface like disappearing cursors, etc...
  • Many more little fixes that I can't recall right now

Thank you to all the players who sent us some bug reports and posted stuff on the forums, that helped us a lot fixing all these things.

Raphael Colantonio
Arkane Studios

You can see some of the progress made by looking at the screenshots...

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