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Vanguard: New Lore @ Official Site

(PC: MMORPG) | Posted by Inauro @ Friday - November 25, 2005 - 22:39 -
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Part four of the lore puzzle the "Chronicle of the Shieldbearer" is available at the Vanguard site.

I had a dream of someone speaking in tongues. It spoke in rhythm to my heartbeat, reciting the Alefbasah.
It spoke, “Alef, bah, sah” and I saw a boy, no older than a dozen years, holding a writing stick covered in ink.
I heard more words, “deef, ee, fa…” and my dreams beheld a comet-filled sky.
“Gell, ha, ai…” and I saw a man ten feet tall sweep aside warriors with little thought.
“Jah, klef, lahn…” and the comet crashed to the earth.
“Miin, noon, oh...” misshapen men walked from the crater.
“Pa, qaaf, ra, seef…” and my eyes were blinded with fire.
“Ta, oon, vef, waw, kha, yosh, zeef…” I awoke.

I fear to sleep again. Why do you not write?

Your faithful son
Source: Vanguard
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