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Getica Game Info
Description: Getica is a project that includes two 3D, third person, single player RPGs. The foundation of the games is formed by the classic concepts of the RPG: assuming a role in a story, developing the playing character, becoming part of a class, solving quests, acquiring items and special abilities. To this skeleton, Getica adds a special approach of the magic powers available in the game and a dynamic, real-time combat system, which will emphasize both the character's power and the player's skill. The main character is part of a "living" world, and his passage produces visible changes. Our goal is to give the player the sensation that he's acting inside a real world that follows its own ways, and that his mere presence can disturb the delicate and long before established relations that hold together the parts of this breathing system.

The action in Getica takes place during the golden ages of the Dacian civilization. The Dacians - also known as the Getae, thus the name Getica - were the most important and well organized of the tracian peoples. The Thracians were one of the oldest European civilizations; at the peak of their power, they occupied over half the Europe and some territories in the Middle East.
The player will get in contact with the mythology and spirituality of the Getae, and will be able to observe the relations and the influences between this civilization and the rest of the ancient european cultures: the Celts, the Norse, the Greeks and the Romans. The adventure begins in a crucial moment for the Getae's history in particular, but also for the rest of the contemporary peoples in a broader context. The player will represent the values and the interests of the Getae in this critical moment and will be responsible for the communication between them and the rest of the cultures.

Due to the fact that one of Getica's main goals is to present the getic civilization both from a spiritual point of view, as well as in the context of the historic events that it has been part of, the project was split in two parts from the beginning.
The first part is called Cult of the Elders, and will act as an introduction into the atmosphere, accomodating the player with the Getae and their culture. Of the two, this part is closest to the classic fantasy RPG, as it will be played from a wizard's perspective and its world will be inhabited by mythological creatures. Cult of the Elders is a game that appeals to any player, because it doesn't require any initial knowledge of the Getae. The action is not very well anchored in time; it takes place somewhere between 1000 and 500 BC.
On the contrary, the second part, called Roman Wars, is well defined in time; its action is placed at the limit between the first and the second century AD. During this time, the Getae fought a series of wars against the Roman Empire, and the events in the second title closely follow the history of that period. While maintaining the third person RPG skeleton, Roman Wars is not a fantasy game. Instead, it creates its gameplay by mixing a complicated political plot with military strategy and tactics elements. This game's world will contain evidence of the events that took place in the first part, and its subtleties will unveil more easily to someone who has also played Cult of the Elders.
The RPG was a natural choice for this kind of presentation. As a genre where the player plays a part in a series of events, and where progress is based on applying knowledge gathered earlier in the game, the RPG is the ideal tool for turning a player's eyes and heart towards the fascinating world of an ancient civilization.

The player will live the adventure of Cult of the Elders through the eyes of a hultan. The hultan was a powerful getian wizard who controlled the manifestations of the weather: the rain, the storm, the mist, etc. The conflict in this first part is given by the degradation of the Magic, due to the fact that people are slowly turning away from the ancestral rites and are starting to embrace new values and ways of life. The main character, knowing that his destiny is tightly and intricately linked with the faith of the Magic, will try to fight against the annihilation of the ancient powers. In his quest, he will discover that the Magic wielded by mages of the other civilizations is also fading. The pieces that form the final puzzle will be gathered not only from the Getae, but from the Celts, the Norse and the Greeks as well. The player will meet mythological beings from all these cultures, and in key moments will be given the chance to turn some of these creatures or some of the powers of the old world into his allies, if he manages to convince them that they too are affected by the change.
The action of the first game in the Getica series happens at the same time with an historic event that radically changed the Getae: the coming of the prophet Zalmoxe and the birth of his religion. The main character will have to discover in what way this prophet and his religion are linked with the degradation of the old Magic.
The Dacians chapter in the Peoples section of the site contains more information about the myth of the hultan, about Zalmoxe and the religion of the Getae in general.
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Release date: To be announced
Homepage: http://www.geticagame.com/
Developer: Digital Summoners
Screenshots: Getica Gallery
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