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E3 2003 Report Day 1

by Vincent 'Baff' Austin, 2002-05-15

Our E3 reporter Baff has compiled his first day impression from this year's E3 for you. Find out what's hot and what's not!


Well, it's that time again, when many of the games that will be coming out for the next couple years are gathered together in one place. There is no way for me to see every game at E3, but I try to get around to see the biggest games and at the same time keep an eye out for interesting games from the smaller companies and those occasional new games. Here are a few of the games I got to see today.


Game Info
Developer: Lionhead
Pulisher: Microsoft
Platform: XBox
Release Date: 2004
Who showed the game: Peter Molyneux (Designer)

When you hear the name Peter Molyneux, you expect something special. From what I saw, Fable won't disappoint. Peter has created a living world that will change depending on how you play the game. As you start the game, you are 15 years old. By the end of the game, you may be into your 40s. Live your life the way you want. The more you play as good or evil, the more your appearance changes to reflect your alignment.

You can court a woman, get married and have children. You can marry a bunch of women at the same time if you want, but I wouldn't expect any of them to be happy marriages. You can terrorize everyone in a town and watch them cowering as you come rolling into town, or you can be their hero and they will come out to cheer for you every time you come through.

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The Bloody Magic

Game Info
Developer: Sky Fallen
Publisher: C1
Platform: PC
Release Date: 2nd Quarter, 2004
Who showed the game: Martha Sapeta (Designer)

Its always fun to see a new game that you aren't expecting to see. The Bloody Magic will certainly get some comparisons to Diablo, similar to many games that have come out over the last ewe years. So how is this one going to be different? Well, for one, each of the four characters you can play are mages and you can choose from 16 schools of magic to specialize in. Spells can be combined to make new spells. For example, combining a bone spear spell with a fire spell makes fire bone spears. Humor also plays a major role in the game, not only in the story but in the characters themselves. The Bloody Magic can be played single-player or multiplayer with upto 6 players (or possibly 8, they aren't sure yet). I'm sure we will hear much more about this one in the coming year.

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Game Info
Developer: Ascaron
Publisher: Ascaron
Platform: PC
Release Date: October
Who showed the game: Alan Wild (Product Manager)

Sacred is another action rpg with similarities to Diablo. There are many key differences though. You can find horses of different types, such as warhorses, scouting horses, etc. You better look after your mounts though, because they will die if you don't. Depending on the type of character you choose to play, you will have different equipment slots. Fighters have more armor slots, but no magic. Mages have more jewelry slots, but will be weaker in armor.

As you play through, you can gather followers. You can equip your followers with the weapons you want them to use. In combat you can disarm your enemies, which will cause them to take the time to pick up their weapon or they may just decide to run away. In case you lose track of your current quest, there is a compass that points toward your current goal.

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Game Info
Developer: Deep Shadows
Publisher: Russobit-M
Platform: PC
Release Date: xmas, 2003
Who showed the game: Alexander Khrutsky (PR Manager)

If you are looking for a non-fantasy rpg, Xenus may be the game for you. It is set in modern day Columbia, as you find yourself in the middle of a drug war. There are six factions you can choose to do work for, such as the CIA or the Mafia. The more you work for a faction, the more the other factions won't trust you.

You can talk to anyone you meet, assuming you haven't made them into your enemy. If you have made lots of enemies, you will be happy to know that you have 20 weapons to choose from. The weapons can also be upgraded with scopes, larger ammo clips, etc. You can also drive trucks or fly helicopters, if you have the right keys.

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Voodoo Islands

Game Info
Developer: Spirit
Platform: PC
Who showed the game: Jürgen Weyrich (Managing Director)

It's good to see another pirate game will be entering the market soon. For those of us wishing to rule the seas, there have been precious few games to choose from. In Voodoo Islands, the goal is of course to become the biggest, baddest pirate around. You do this by beating up on other pirates or on the Spaniads that took out the last pirate leader. You will also want to hire some henchman for your boat and buy a few upgrades. Pretty soon, everyone will recognize you for the true terror of the high seas that you have always wanted to be.

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