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RF Online: Beta Press Release

(PC: MMORPG) | Posted by Inauro @ Thursday - February 02, 2006 - 19:21 -
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Codemasters have announced the start of the RF Online beta in the following press release.
The most anticipated MMORPG of 2006 goes into beta - Magical fantasy meets futuristic science-fiction action - Engage in the most epic battles ever seen in any MMO role-playing game.

The beta test for RF Online, the hotly anticipated sci-fi and fantasy MMORPG has gone live, Codemasters Online Gaming announced today.

Over the next four weeks the RF Online beta will play host to 50,000 testers putting the game through its paces on its brand new network infrastructure, based in Boston MA.

David Solari, Director of Codemasters Online Gaming, commented:
"To get to this stage is a huge landmark for RF Online, the beta test will lead the way to the game's retail release in late February and give our fantastic community the opportunity to experience the game before it hits the shelves."

Gamers who will join the RF Online beta test are now being contacted following the beta sign-up programme, which began last November. With a limited number of places remaining in the best test, gamers can still apply to participate by registering via the beta sign-up form on the game's official site www.rf-onlinegame.com

The beta enables players to create a character from one of RF Online's three all-powerful warring factions the Bellato Union with their Mech battle units, the mystical Holy Alliance Cora or the mighty robots of the Accretian Empire and engage in the game's full-scale battles that can feature thousands of players.

RF Online (Rising Force Online) delivers a supremely rich gaming experience that has already attracted over 1 million players since its launch in the Far East last year.

With stunning in-game visuals and jaw-dropping character and environment detail, RF Online is an incredible next generation MMO game. It features a unique blend of magical fantasy mixed with futuristic science-fiction action and sees players engaging in the most epic battles ever seen in a MMO role-playing game.

RF Online is set to launch in late February 2006 and will be published and operated in the US and Europe by Codemasters Online Gaming. For all the latest on the game, including the latest images, movies and the last chance to sign up for the Beta Test, visit www.rf-onlinegame.com

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Source: RF Online
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