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RatHunt Game Info
Description: RatHunt is a fast, action packed First Person Perspective Role Playing Game powered by Monolith's LithTech engine. It is now being developed for both, PC and console platforms by Mirage Interactive (formerly Mirage Media) from Poland, one of Poland's biggest game developers (e.g. producer of Mortyr: 2093-1944).

Both the scenario and game play style are dynamic and fast. Although at first sight, the game might look like a straight shooter, there surely is more to it.

Your alter ego, Mason wakes up at the high security level prison on a small island. He has been hired by his local Russian mafia organisation for some simple job he was to be a lookout during a small thievery. This turned out to be a trap police officer has been killed and Mason was shot at the back by his comrades and left there, presumed dead. He awakes in a prison hospital merely remembering his convalescence, from where he has been transferred to the prison where he is now.
Presumed guilty. Condemned for life...

Mason manages to start a small mutiny in the prison, which turns out to be a great battle with the guards. He manages to dress as a policeman and flees from the island...

It is wise to care for Mason, to train him to be a real killing machine. Well, it is the essence of RPG's, the most fun in it. You get stronger! Better! Faster! Whoa, I gained a level, now I'll show ya! Get the drift?
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Release date: Cancelled
Homepage: http://www.rathunt.com/
Developer: Mirage Interactive
Screenshots: RatHunt Gallery
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