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RPGDot Game Rating Machine
Brown has rated the following games:

Bard's Tale 1 - Tales from the Unknown: 7/10 points

Loved it on the Commodore 64 at the time. Simple but enjoyable, as long as you enjoy drawing maps. Plan to replay it soon.

Elder Scrolls 3 - Morrowind: 10/10 points

Equal best RPG ever with Ultima 7 parts 1 and 2. Top marks for immersiveness and ability to do almost anything. With the Construction set and mods available you could conceivably play this game forever with the same character

Eye of the Beholder: 7/10 points

Very good dungeon crawl for its time. One of the first games I remember to allow you to actually clear a level, adding to the realism. (Also, respawning monsters piss me off.)

Eye of the Beholder 2 - The Legend of Darkmoon: 7/10 points

Equally good sequel to a very good game.

Fallout - A Post Nuclear Adventure: 9/10 points

Near perfect. Great skills system. Party members became annoyingly useless towards the end though. I didn't like leaving them all dead but got sick of reloading to keep them alive.

Gothic 2: 2/10 points

Too difficult to control.

Might & Magic 4 - Clouds of Xeen: 8/10 points

Great fun. Simple plot , but addictive gamplay. Automap easily lets you see where you've been. Dungeon levels are small and easy to navigate.

Planescape: Torment: 9/10 points

Great story, great game.

Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 2: The Sith Lords: 10/10 points

Great story - Just as good as the first. Slightly rushed at the end, but the rest of the game makes up for it.

Ultima 4 - Quest of the Avatar: 10/10 points

I gave this a 10 mainly because of it's originality. No big evil wizard or monster to kill. Just a quest to become a better person. Sounds lame but worked perfectly. This game took Ultima from a good RPG series into an undeniable classic. This is also the game that made me wander through school in a haze for a few months, having stayed up playing Ultima 4 all night.

Ultima 5 - Warriors of Destiny: 8/10 points

Would have got a 10 but I got bored when I got into the Underworld. Too much combat and aimless exploration for my liking. Having started the game 3 or 4 times since 1988 I only finished it for the first time last year. Needed the help of a walkthrough so I didn't wander around the Underworld forever.

Ultima 6 - The False Prophet: 9/10 points

Great end to the Avatar trilogy (Ultima 4 to 6) back in the days when each new Ultima was better than the last.

Ultima 7 - Serpent Isle (Sequel): 10/10 points

Equal best RPG of the 90s with Part 1. More linear but makes up for it with more involved plot.

Ultima 7 - The Black Gate: 10/10 points

One of the best games ever. Better day/night NPC schedules than anything I've played before or since (apart from Ultima 7 Part 2.)

Ultima Underworld 1 - The Stygian Abyss: 7/10 points

Very good game. Not a classic though IMO. Best pure dungeon crawl I've played.

Ultima Underworld 2 - Labyrinth of Worlds: 8/10 points

Great game. Better than UW1 IMO. I particularly liked the way the conversations in the castle changed as the game went on, instead of everyone saying the same things over and over.

Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines: 9/10 points

Brilliant for the most part - The ending was slightly annoying, turning into an FPS for the last few quests. But some of the earlier stuff was perfect. Great game!

Wasteland: 3/10 points

I only just played this game recently so don't have nostalgia affecting my review. It hasn't aged well, and fighting wandering robots became tedious very quickly, but I can see it had some good points for it's time. Didn't have the patience to finish without extensively referring to a walkthrough though.
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