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Horizons Developer Diary

(PC: MMORPG) | Posted by Rendelius @ Monday - April 01, 2002 - 13:36 -
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Gamers Pulse has published a Horizons Developer Diary, written by Paul Peterson, Designer at Artifact Entertainment. Here's a bit from that:
    Adrian LaVallee (Programmer) stops by - Adrian and I talk a lot. Hes one of the main people implementing the documents that I turn in, so we go back and forth a lot on the various ways we could make a particular mechanic work in the game. Today we talk about the formulas for combat; the nuts and bolts that determine if your character hits the monster and how much damage the monster takes. He wants to know some more specifics about the amounts of damage character should be dealing as they progress, and damage ranges for weapons, etc. We also discuss how timing a block will work in our system so that it looks natural for a character to block an attack without throwing the attack animations into chaos.

    Lunchtime! - Today we go out for Thai food. I make the bold choice to forgo my standard Pad Thai to try the Rama Beef. My daring is rewarded, as it is amazing. My only problem is the next time I go, I will now have to select between the two (and my co-workers keep telling me how great the Curry Noodles are, as well.)
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