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Horizons: Re-Review @ MMORPG.com

(PC: MMORPG) | Posted by Moriendor @ Thursday - August 25, 2005 - 00:15 -
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Thanks to Lepidus from MMORPG.com for letting us know that they have posted a re-review of (now) Tulga's fantasy MMORPG 'Horizons'. Rating: 7.1/10.
When asked to review Horizons, I really was not sure what to expect. All I really know about it was that it was an older fantasy based MMO with a couple of points of interest. We’ll start with the playable races. Not only does Horizons offer a deviation from the standard races with visibly non-human choices like the Saris (neat looking cat creatures) and the Sslik (lizard folk), but they also give MMO players the much desired ability to play a Dragon. Second, they have a fairly detailed and interesting crafting system. I’ll be honest. I do not personally care too much for crafting in games. More often than not, I find it to be tedious, boring and pointless… It just reminds me of playing “The Sims” and I am one of those people that cannot stand that type of game. I like my items pre-made for me so I can spend my time exploring and killing. Call me old fashioned (or deeply disturbed), but it’s just not my bag. I respect that some players love it; I even respect the fact that its presence creates a well-rounded game and broadens the game’s fan base. Still, I never do it. That being said, I was told that I should at least take a look at it. It was supposed to be pretty good. Fine, I will look.
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