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Dungeon: Gladiator Game Info
Description: Dungeon is a fantasy themed first person melee game. It is an attempt to try and go beyond the classic hack&slash gameplay inherent in most 'swords & sorcery' games by developing a dueling system that is both of great depth and fun to play.

Dungeon's story takes place on the island of Verlorn, a dark land ruled under the shadow of tyrants and an immortal sorcerer.

Dungeon will offer both, single and multiplayer gameplay.
Single player, currently codenamed 'Shades Below', is more of an Action/RPG styled game with a strong emphasis on horror. The player will be able to explore and interact with the numerous and varied people and places of Verlorn while progressing through a dynamic storyline. The multiplayer version of the game will be more limited to an 'Arena' style of play. Players will be able to create and customize their own Gladiator, pitting them against other players in one on one duels, team combat, or one of several other game types.
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Release date: To be announced
Homepage: http://www.complexgames.com/dungeon/gladiator/news/index.php
Publisher: TBD
Developer: Complex Games
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