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Horizons: Interview @ TenTonHammer

(PC: MMORPG) | Posted by Dhruin @ Wednesday - November 23, 2005 - 07:00 -
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David Bowman has been interviewed at TenTonHammer in article format about Horizons. Here's an introduction on the man himself:
Of the many hats David Bowman wears, he enjoys his role as game designer role best. After a long period of working with cutting-edge developer Bungie Entertainment's RTS Myth, he was drawn to work with a relatively new player on the gaming scene at that time, Massively Multiplayer games. Preferring the small, independent developer scene, David joined Turbine's Asheron's Call live team, eventually becoming Lead Designer. When Turbine ran into some financial trouble, Bowman stepped up. "They built a game, now they had to build a business. I decided to help out there, and we were able to get some deals negotiated. I moved from design into a Vice President role while I was there. I ran the Asheron's Call live events for 13 months, and learned a lot about how to do live processes, and what not necessarily to do from the development point-of-view. I also had a hand in the pre-production of Asheron's Call 2, didn't necessarily agree with where that was going, and started looking around the industry for a new technology. Jeff Anderson came in for Turbine, an excellent financial decision for Turbine... he's a great businessman, but I wanted to do something different."
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