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Wizardry 8: New Patch released

(PC: Single-Player RPG) | Posted by Rendelius @ Tuesday - December 18, 2001 - 23:24 -
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Linda Currie from SirTech informed us that there is a new patch for Wizardry 8 at 3DGamers.com. This is a little additional information about what it does:

    Sirtech Canada is pleased to announce that we have released "Wiz8Patch2001_12_12_release.zip" and thank everyone for their patience while we prepared this patch.

    This patch includes all changes previously released in prior patches and it is not necessary for you to have any previous patches installed -- this one does it all. This patch is IMPERATIVE for all players. A full list of changes is included in the README that's in the zip file but some highlights are:

    FIXES SAVES that have been affected by the missing Mook Hologram bug (and eliminates the bug as in previous patches).
    FIXES SAVES that have been affected by the bug which caused Sgt. Rubble to lock you out of Covert Ops (and fixes the bug itself).
    FIXES SAVES where Vi gets placed in the Phoonzang statue (and also fixes the bug itself).
    It also includes a new 3DSetup, an update to Miles Sound System, and an update to the SafeDisc copy protection.

    In addition to these save fixes and file updates, there are many other changes that are very important to your game. Again, ALL players need this patch.
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