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Astonia 3: Update Postponed for Casual Game Development @ Official Forums

(PC: MMORPG) | Posted by Wildefire @ Monday - March 06, 2006 - 19:18 -
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In response to several player inquiries about a major update which should have been released by now, Intent Software posted a confession that money is tight and they've chosen to develop a cell phone game for a quick infusion of cash. The developer who'd been working on the Astonia update is writing the game, so the patch won't be coming out for several weeks now...
For the last few weeks however, we didn't manage to work on the update for other reasons, more related to Intent Software as a company. As most of you know (or guess) we have been looking into a few future MMOG projects, including a Sci-Fi RTS MMO, of which we have produced a very early prototype version.

Unfortunately, the costs of producing MMOG projects have exploded over the last few years, which is the reason why we can't create a game we would be satisfied with without some outside financing (either by a publisher or VC company). One of the aspects that doesn't help in this context is the size of our team - as you know we are a very small company.

Which forced us to reconsider, and after some time we decided to focus on something smaller for a while: Cell Phones. Games for cells are currently relatively simple, something a small team can do quite easily.
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