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Horizons: Clarification about Horizons Boards

(PC: MMORPG) | Posted by Rendelius @ Thursday - September 13, 2001 - 15:45 -
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As you can imagine, the community wasn't very glad about AE's announcement that they will shut down the Horizons boards and keep silent until about a month before the beta. Now, the Horizons site has this posting from James "SCAN" Jones, President of Artifact Entertainment that is intended to clarify their point of view:

    We have reposted the message boards in an inactive status to allow the community to gather much of their hard work and efforts that they have contributed to these boards over the last several months since we opened them. In particular we received several requests from participants on the role-playing boards who were very interested in continuing the stories they had started. We will be continuing to monitor posts on our various community sites including Horizons Vault, and Horizons MMORPG.Net which are two of the more frequented sites.

    Ulairi at Horizons Vault has offered the Horizons Vault boards as a location for the existing community to continue to gather and post about Horizons. This offer extends to those from the role-playing boards as well, since Vault Network has a Horizonís Role-playing Board.

    I know a portion of our community is not happy about our decision to reduce the public information available about Horizons in the near future. The fact is we have reached a point in development where the last two years of community involvement has given us all the information and conceptual ideas we need. Its now in our hands to finalize the implementation.

    The entire team is heading into a serious crunch that will last until we reach open beta. We are not going anywhere and we are not being controlled by any outside party as many people have speculated. We will be turning the boards back on in the future as well as releasing more information about Horizons. Its just time for us to focus on finishing the product and preparing for the next level of community feedback - TESTING.

    I do want to express my gratitude to all members of the community that have provided feedback over the last two years. You have been listened too, as much as you think you haven't and as much as you think this is no longer the game you dreamed. It is our goal to end the vaporware rumors, the management rumors and the financial stability rumors with a playable open beta that shows the ambition and stability that all of us are expecting from Horizons.

    James "SCAN" Jones
    Artifact Entertainment

Call me a dumbhead, but I still don't see what this is good for - do you?
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