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Zenfar: Short Story Released

(PC: Single- & Multi-Player RPG) | Posted by Rendelius @ Monday - October 15, 2001 - 00:17 -
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Celebrating their game Zenfar going on sale today at CompUSA, Dynamic Adventures has posted Vandore Prepares, a short story that is also an introduction to the universe of this isometric RPG. Here's the opening paragraph:

    Sweat dripped from the brow of Vandore as he made his way across the scorching desert area. Crouched behind a large rock he peers across the next part of his journey. Yellow sand peppered with prickly scrub and large pock-marked boulders for miles yet. The air shimmered with the heat of the sun beating on the ground as it tried to suck the last remnants of fluid from the landscape. Though Vandore has spent only part of his journey in the desert, it has by far proven the most challenging of the obstacles placed by his mentors. Now as he has reached the final stage of his journey, Vandore can't help but feel relief as the end is literally in sight. The Citadel of the Protectorate lies far in the distance a beacon to weary travelers but still many miles away.

    Vandore wonders why he has seen no sign of his peers, who should be closing in on the Citadel as well. Although, this final test was to be a race he feels strong bonds towards those who he has sweat, fought, and bled with. He figured he would have crossed path with someone by now, but maybe that means he is in front of the pack.
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