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More on the Horizons Situation

(PC: MMORPG) | Posted by @ Thursday - October 04, 2001 - 21:29 -
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The Horizons Vault has a follow-up to the news on Voodoo Extreme today, and it seems the problems are no longer a rumour. Heres the official statement sent to Horizons Vault:

    Artifact Entertainment has made a reduction of approximately 20% of the staff working on the development of its flagship title, Horizons. In addition key restructuring changes were made to the management team and production staff.

    David Allen no longer holds the positions of Chairman and CEO of Artifact Entertainment he remains as a shareholder of the company. The duties that the CEO position previously entailed have been assigned to Artifactís President James Jones. Mr. Jones has been with Artifact since November of 1999, and has over 10 years experience in technology development management and public company operations.

    David Bowman has been appointed as the Executive Vice President of Operations. Mr. Bowman was formerly the VP of Production, Executive Producer and Design Director at Turbine Entertainment Software where he worked on the MMOG Asheronís Call and on other titles still in development. Prior to working at Turbine, Mr. Bowman was at Bungie Studios where he worked as a designer on Myth II and other in development projects.

    Steve Snow has been made the Producer of Horizons and will be responsible for the final delivery of Horizons. Mr. Snow joins Artifact from Gas Powered Games where he worked in a production role on the upcoming title Dungeon Siege. Prior to Gas Powered Games Mr. Snow worked at Cavedog Entertainment in a production role on the Total Annihilation series.

    Jane Bradley has joined the Horizons team as Art Director. Mrs. Bradley previously worked at Sculptured Software/Iguana/Acclaim Entertainment where she served as Art Director on - WWF Attitude (best selling PSX game in 1998), ECW Hardcore Revolution, Supercross, Jam 99 and Jam 2000, NHL Hockey - all muti-platform (some combination of PSX, Dreamcast, PC and N64) and Turok PC. Prior to that she served as Art Lead on WWF Warzone, NBA Jam (N64 and PSX) and Sr. Artist on NBA Jam (Coin-op).

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