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Paradise Cracked: Review @ EDBIS

(PC: Single-Player RPG) | Posted by Moriendor @ Monday - October 20, 2003 - 17:07 -
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Thanks to Corax from EDBIS for letting us know that they have posted a review of MiST land's/Buka's cyberpunk RPG 'Paradise Cracked'. Rating: 72%.

Here's a snip:
The game itself starts off right into the action. You have your gun, your ammo, and your base cybernetic implant. The game has lots of different guns, ammunition types, but severely lacks any ability to do any melee combat which is a major downer. There are several of cybernetic devices that one can hook into one's flesh which boosts the character's effectiveness. Also the main character has the ability to hack into secured robots and computers. Hacking and overriding robots can give the player a needed tactical boost during game play. Such as during my play of the game I took over an advertisement robot and used it as mobile cover.
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