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Quest for Glory 5 - Dragon Fire
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Exile 2: Crystal Souls Game Info
Description: Exile II: Crystal Souls is the sequel to the shareware hit Exile: Escape From the Pit. Several years have passed since the events in the first game. Now, the Empire, the cruel monolithic nation ruling the surface world, has realized that Exile, the nation they created, has become highly dangerous. Their troops are now being teleported into Exile in great numbers, overwhelming the defenses of the beleagured souls below.

There is hope, though. It comes in the form of a new, bizarre race of creatures, who live in the deepest of the caves. Will you be able to summon aid to your cause, before every last soul in your homeland is wiped out?
Average Reader Ratings: 7.06 (17 votes)
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Release date: Available since Q1 1980
Homepage: http://www.spiderwebsoftware.com/exile2/winexile2.html
Publisher: Spiderweb Software
Developer: Spiderweb Software
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