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Throne of Bhaal First Impressions

(PC: Single- & Multi-Player RPG) | Posted by Garrett @ Tuesday - June 19, 2001 - 09:15 -
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BG Haven has posted their first impressions of the final chapter in the Baldur's Gate saga, Throne of Bhaal. It starts off like this:

    Ah finally, Throne of Bhaal on my desk, delivered by the child of Bhaal himself (don't take this serious :P), At last I could continue my adventure with Simon, child of Bhaal and dreaded sorceror. After doing the full install (860meg) I was ready to pick up my spellbook and do battle once again. (Sorcerers don't have spell books..mhh.. how bout staff?)

    The intro tells u of 5 powerful Bhaalspawns, leading there armies across the sword coast and slaying everybody in a wave of massive destruction. In reaction to this, those suspected of being children of Bhaal are cast out and revived.

    Even in Suldenesselar unease grows into fear at your presence. That is why the Elven Queen asked you to visit an ancient grove, where the ancients may shed light upon your dark fate.

    After importing my old BG2 party I packed my stuff and set foot to the
    ancient grove. After seeing the fourth 'loading' screen I finally arrived and immediately asked the ancients for help (doing what the game told me). A VERY deep voice told me about the prophecy of Alaundo the Wise, and how I was the chosen one. (I've heard that before..) Suddenly he stopped and told me somebody was coming, and no..it wasn't a friendly forest bear.

Throne of Bhaal will hit stores by the end of this week/beginning of the next week...

Source: Voodooextreme
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