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Austin Game Conference @ Gamasutra

Posted by Inauro @ Saturday - October 29, 2005 - 22:32 -
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Gamasutra covers a very interesting rant session from the Austin Game Conference. Here's a brief sample.
Starting off, Hickman [executive producer and vice president at Dark Age of Camelot developer Mythic] put his rant in a nutshell: "My rant is basically about, as game developers, the fact that we often make changes to our games, core pieces to our games, after we launch." "As a player, it’s affecting me right now in the game that I’m playing," Hickman said, but admitted his guilt at having done the same thing when in the developer role. Changes, he said, prevented his development team in the end from achieving the goals they had wanted to achieve. "Players come to our game because of what we put in there. We come out, we make a system change to our games--and what does it do? It alienates our players," he said. “Instead of sticking to the thing we love, we start changing it. The 3.5 million people who are already playing our game, they’re happy! Why are we changing it?"
Source: Gamasutra
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