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TGS 2005 - Full Japanese PS3 Lineup Revealed @ Gamespot

Posted by Kristophe @ Saturday - September 17, 2005 - 14:52 -
| Game Info | Screenshots
Gamespot's Hirohiko Niizumi teams up with fellow editor Tor Thorsen to bring us the latest word from the Tokyo Games Show 2005...

Playable games a no-show at event, but Sony reveals rock-solid third-party support with 102 games and 71 publishers.

TOKYO--One of the biggest, and most unfortunate, surprises at the Tokyo Game Show 2005 so far has been the absence of any playable PlayStation 3 games. However, that didn't totally deflate the spirits of those present, as Sony Computer Entertainment released its full lineup of Japanese PS3 games at the show. The list revealed a massive amount of third-party support for the console, which is sure to heat up the next-generation console war with Microsoft's Xbox 360. Sony currently has 102 games scheduled or already in development for the PS3, with 71 publishers on board its next-gen bandwagon.
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