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Archangel Gallery

by Garrett, 2002-04-22

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We just received 7 brandnew Screenshots from ArchAngel.
Archangel is being developed by Metropolis Software and is a 3D RPG, in which you play the role of an Archangel fighting evil...

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Here's a little about the game from Fishtank

Story Overview Archangel

On a winter night, along a narrow mountain road somewhere in Europe Michael Travinsky was driving home. The radio was playing some quite music. Travinsky was tired, he let his hands drive and in his mind he was already greeting Valerie, his wife, taking off his coat and sitting down to supper. Snow flakes were whirling in the light beams cast by the car, the road was empty, and nothing disturbed his musings.

Suddenly a sharp light flashed across his brain and he instinctively pushed the brake, but it was too late. For a moment the rasping of metal and the flashing of light mixed with the image of Valerie Travinsky serving coffee.

The old man in a shabby baseball cap on his head jumped from the truck, almost stumbling on slippery snow-covered asphalt. A narrow streak of blood on his forehead distorted his vision. He wiped it off his face, lifted his hand to his eyed and swore. His truck had virtually smashed the car driving from the opposite direction. After the first shock was over the old man ran to the wreck and inspected the unconscious body leaning against the steering wheel. Within seconds he was certain that the driver was dead, or at least he appeared dead. The old man murmured: 'Yeah, like this corpse is what I need', and started to carefully and slowly drag the body from the crashed car.
A small room stinking of staleness and something else, an unspecified stink. At the top of the room there was a small window covered with a few planks, through which one could see blurred shadows of birds sitting on the roof. One of them, as if frightened by something, took flight, made a small circle and began to slowly fly down. Its shadow, enlarged by the light from above, slowly covered the body lying on the floor. The bird alighted next to the body and started to jab at the motionless hand. Suddenly it took flight again, frightened by an unexpected nervous gesture. The man opened his eyes. He looked around without lifting his head and, after a while, stood up, barely managing to overcome pain and terror...

Archangel is the third person game (with first person view option) which joins role-playing and action-game genres. The Player will be able to choose between two character classes and faces highly performed plausible major character and many other peripheral figures, who are not passive, but take active part in action. Furthermore, the 'mutation' of the character into an 'Archangel' will be made visible on his body in all different different phases of the game. To avoid any boring sequences, the missions show variations in scripting, e.g. the game will not focus on fights alone but the player also has to sneak through the game and has to deal with sabotage.

The action of ARCHANGEL takes place in three different epochs , in different locations and the player will have a variety of weapons depending on the setting. Game combines techno-thriller, horror and fantasy styles. The age-old legend mixes with technologically advanced reality.

ARCHANGEL is supported by powerful engine created specially for this game by our best programmers. Thanks to that game contains both inside and outside highly extensive maps. We made very good challenging complex gameplay packed with adventure and combat - everything for fun!


  • Intense and atmospheric storyline situated somewhere between sci-fi and phantasy creating a unique own world bringing fresh conflicts and new characters to the player.
  • Character development is connected to the storyline. The player is able to choose from two very different character classes - ghost and warrior.
  • Three different game settings - Old Age, Futuristic Berlin, City of Evil combine both, real life places with never seen before landscapes and Intriguing architecture.
  • Non player characters come alive! They do not behave passive but are Actively involved in the flow of game.
  • Violence is reduced to minimum while being integrated in the story. The player is not going to be glorified for dumb killing but rewarded for intelligent behavior.
  • Advanced graphics engine optimized for latest generation graphics cards
  • All the best elements of RPG games come together: Character development, area exploration, "thinking" NPC and monsters. Exquisitely combined with the best of action games: fast action-packed combat, lots of different enemies, weapons and great special fx.


    Minimum: Windows 98/ME/2000/XP, PII 450 (or similar), DirectX 8.1 compatible Sound- und 3D Graphicscard (16MB), 64 MB RAM, 4x CD-Rom. 800 MB free Harddisk space.

    Recommended: Windows 98/ME/2000/XP, PIII 800 (or similar), DirectX 8.1 compatible Sound- und 3D Graphicskarte (32MB), 128 MB RAM, 4x CD-Rom. 800 MB free Harddisk space.

    Release: Q3 / 2002

    Average Reader Ratings: 5.17 (12 votes)
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