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Asheron's Call: Throne of Destiny
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Vision Game Info
Description: Features:
  • Unrivaled visuals featuring real-time inverse kinematics through animation blending along with lifelike 3D models, textures and lighting
  • Dynamic and thrilling combat with diverse weapons, spells and combat styles; advanced AI fully utilizing the 3D environment in combat
  • Highly artistic, coherent level design inviting creative strategies
  • Fresh take on fantasy setting with believable behavior of both your party and the enemies; malleable characters give your party a unique dynamic
  • "Inner sight" mode that reveals hidden magic, cryptic meanings and subtle connections in a visually amazing way
  • Tight story with twists and surprises communicated through the in-game cinematics and branching dialogue system
  • Extensive system of magic items and skills; enemies ranging from lithe pixies to thundering ogres
Release date: To be announced
Homepage: http://www.rpg-vision.com/
Publisher: ALTAR Interactive
Developer: Octagon Entertainment
Screenshots: Vision Gallery
On the Net:
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- Vision: A New RPG From Octagon (04.08.04)

- Vision: Interview @ Czechgamer (Czech) (02.11.05)
- Vision: Interview @ RPG Vault (04.26.04)
- Vision: Interview @ HomeLAN Fed (04.13.04)

- Vision: Impressions @ UFOAftermath.co.uk (01.05.05)

- Vision: Screenshots @ Tiscali (06.03.05)
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