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Secret Files: Tunguska - Preview @ Screenshots @ Adventure-Archiv

(PC: Adventures) | Posted by Kristophe @ Monday - August 29, 2005 - 14:11 -
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It may be somewhat belated, but Adventure-Archiv's MaryScots presents her most promising preview, complete with screenshots, for the upcoming Secret Files: Tunguska...

Jrg Beilschmidt explained that a lot of research was done about what the biggest problems in puzzle-solving usually are. He wants to effectively prevent the player from looking up solutions in a walkthrough. Puzzles shall be worked into the story in a logical way and pixel-hunting for hotspots shall be avoided by a) not designing them too small and b) making clear by comments we get when mouse-clicking on them what if anything we can possibly do. If the need arises we can still press the spacebar in the otherwise fully mouse-controlled game in order to make a small magnifying glass show us the exact position of a hotspot. Moreover, the constantly visibly inventory at the bottom of the screen helps us keep track of the collected items. By smaller side-quests relating to the background of NPCs he wants to bring more variety into the gameplay and keep boredom at bay while the abandonment of action-quests, timed sequences and Game Over by death shall prevent possible frustration of the players. Those who neither favour machine puzzles nor endless study of documents may take a deep breath of relief now as the main focus will be put on inventory-based puzzles and tasks arising from the locations. In addition we will control both Nina and sometimes Max during the course of the game and not always separately but betimes we have to switch between the two when the only way to overcome an obstacle is interaction of the two characters. Last but not least, Susanna Mittermaier, press spokeswoman for KOCH Media, announced professional voice-acting. What more can we ask for?! :-)

And for those of you who are more fluent (or just want the practice) in German, there is a translater to convert this particular preview back to it's original language - which was Deutsche!!
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